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In the Marketplace of Ideas…where do great new ideas come from? Where do they gain their power? And why aren’t all good ideas powerful?  Think about that fantastic idea that held incredible power over you, yet it moved no one else. Often, it’s a matter of perspective or assumption. A perfectly good idea might be nurtured into a powerful idea once other perspectives are introduced and a flawed assumption or two exposed. We’re talking about building a marketplace of ideas here—a place to empower the ideas that empower you.

GPS Creative is all about developing and nurturing the ideas powerful enough to help clients meet their challenges and discover their opportunities. In this Marketplace, we will introduce some of our ideas. We’ll ask industry experts, including you, to introduce yours. Our job together is to provide the commentary—offer new perspectives, challenge assumptions and give validation—so that these ideas might gain the power to take off, and take us all with them.

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